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What Is Web Hosting & How It Works?

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What Is Web Hosting

Every website needs a home where all its files can live. It enables people to access those files from anywhere in the world. These files live on a computer which is called server that is connected to internet all the time in order for others to access it anytime and anywhere they want.

To make it more simple and understandable a web hosting server is an actual home for your website to live on, and a domain name is the address to your home and it’s as simple as that.

How It Works?

A server (Computer) where you website is hosted has an address which is called IP address and it looks like this “”. Others can access your website by pointing to this IP address but it is not the case always since we have domain names for this.

To access your website someone has to enter your domain name into the browser and that domain name is translated into an IP address which is the actual address of your web hosting server or computer.

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