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Frequent Asked Questions

Web Hosting FAQs

Every website needs a home where all its files can live. It enables people to access those files from anywhere in the world. These files live on a computer which is called server that is connected to internet all the time in order for others to access it anytime and anywhere they want.

To make it more simple and understandable a web hosting server is an actual home for your website to live on, and a domain name is the address to your home and it’s as simple as that.

A server (Computer) where you website is hosted has an address which is called IP address and it looks like this “”. Others can access your website by pointing to this IP address but it is not the case always since we have domain names for this.
To access your website someone has to enter your domain name into the browser and that domain name is translated into an IP address which is the actual address of your web hosting server or computer.

Due to affordability, shared hosting is among the most famous type of web hosting. As a shared hosting user you get access to the server resources and share it with other users since these powerful web servers are split into small partitions allocated to the shared hosting plan holders. As a plan user you are given access to allocated system resources.
Shared hosting is the most effective and affordable form of web hosting and usually cost less than any other hosting plan.

Major benefit of shared hosting is surprisingly low cost associated with shared hosting plans. At hosting orphic you can start your shared hosting plan as low as $1.18 per month which is incredibly affordable.
If you are starting up and have less than 25K visitors per month on your website, the shared hosting plan is perfectly fine. However, you may upgrade to any other hosting plan as and when needed.

Hosting Orphic offers cloud web hosting for businesses of all size. Experience the next generation cloud hosting services with Raid 10 SSD storage. From individual and personal websites to business & eCommerce website we have solutions that are reliable, affordable and secure. We offer industry leading tools for you to effectively manage your hosting for your benefits. We have everything for you which you might need.

Experience the next generation cloud hosting services with Raid 10 NVME SSD storage. NVME is the new and fastest SSD storage drives designed for speed and performance. We are leading the industry with the fastest cloud shared hosting.

Downtime affect your revenues and hurt your business performance. We ensure 99.9% uptime with economy.

You can’t go wrong with our 30-days money back guarantee. You are 100% secured with our 30 days money back guarantee.

We provide CPanel with all the hosting plans, therefore with the cPanel it is super easy and fast to install WordPress at Hosting Orphic. However, we can also install WordPress for you as well.

We help you build dynamic websites secured by free and automatic SSL that rank higher in search engines! Make your site secured with SSL certificate from http to https. All our Hosting plans are equipped with free & Auto SSL certificate.

Yes we offer cPanel for all hosting plans, Manage your webhosting services with world leading hosting dashboard cPanel.

Yes we do provide email accounts. The amount of email accounts depends on your package plans. So choose the plans accordingly.

If you are starting a blog or a small business website that has less than 10K visitors per month, this is the right and affordable choice. Our Silver Cloud offers 1 Domain, 2 GB SSD Storage, 1 GB Bandwidth and 1 GB physical memory.

• 1 Domain
• 2 GB SSB Storage
• 1 GB Bandwidth
• 2 Email Accounts
• 2 Sub Domains
• 1 FTP Account
• 2 mySQL Databases

We recommend this package for growing businesses. Our Gold cloud offers 5 Domains that means you can host 5 websites, 10 GB SSD Storage, 5 GB Bandwidth and 1 GB physical memory. Suitable for websites which has less than 25K Visitors.

• 5 Domains
• 10 GB SSB Storage
• 5 GB Bandwidth
• 10 Email Accounts
• 3 Sub Domains
• 3 FTP Account
• 5 mySQL Databases

Platinum Cloud offers you to host 15 websites, 30 GB SSD Raid 10 Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free pre-made premium theme template for you website (Demo). With this premium theme template you don’t have to buy themes for your website.

• 15 Domains
• 30 GB SSD Raid 10 Storage
• Unmetered Bandwidth
• 1 Free ASTRA Theme
• Unlimited Emails
• 10 Sub Domains
• Unlimited FTP Accounts
• 15 mySQL Databases

Our Diamond cloud is the industry leading plan that offers Free Domain, Web-Hosting, SSL Certificate plus FREE COMPLETE WEBSITE. Offer is valid for 3 years Diamond plan subscription.

• Unlimited Websites
• Unlimited SSD Raid 10 NVME Storage (NEW)
• Unmetered Bandwidth
• Free WordPress Installation
• Free Theme Upload
• Nightly/Weekly Backups“

Website Development FAQs

We normally deliver a website with in 72 hours. However, for custom development our TAT may differ and you may contact our team for development time.

Yes, We do create customized wordpress websites and do you know 50% of world’s website are built on WordPress & 27+ million live WordPress websites on internet at the moment ?

Yes, if you have opt in for professional and enterprise package. In Starter package Content Management Systems is not available. We do provide training session to manage your website for the future as well.

Yes we can, at the monthly cost of $10 (payable annually) , we maintain your website. Maintenance includes regular backups, security updates, plugin updates etc.

Of course we do, it is one of the key factor for google ranking. We make sure your website should look great across all devices.

Absolutely, To begin with you project it is mandatory to pay in advance. However, your payment is secured with us.

Most of the time it is you who better understands your business. However,  our copywriter may write content for you at additional cost.

We highly recommend to host your website on VPS server which is fast, secure, and adaptable.  However, you can chose shared hosting plan as well. We do offer hosting services which are best in class and already tested.

Yes we do offer free domain such as .com .org and .net subject to availability of the domain. Hosting is charges that starts from $5 per moth according to your budget and hosting you chose .

Yes Absolutely, we offer free SSL certificate with all the websites.